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Network Management Policy

In order to ensure the fastest and safest experience for all of our customers, IgLou monitors and manages it’s broadband and hosting networks in a variety of ways.

The methods used are those that are minimally intrusive and consistent with industry standards, including but not limited to, port blocking, rate limiting, IP blocking, blocking email domains or sources, and virus scanning.

IgLou may or may not disclose all of the practices and tools used on our networks as they evolve over time to address future challenges and threats on the Internet.

Packet Prioritization

During the normal course of operation, IgLou’s network management is “protocol agnostic” and does not perform deep-packet inspection for the purpose of prioritizing packets based upon the protocol used or their intended purpose. However, in the event of a security vulnerability, denial-of-service attack, or other unusual circumstance, IgLou may use these tools on a temporary basis until the original threat has been rectified.