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T1 & Ethernet


T1 & Metro Ethernet services are dedicated Internet access circuits for businesses needing faster upload speeds or higher reliability than traditional DSL or cable Internet access..

Symmetric speeds start at 1.5 megabits for T1 circuits and can go as high as gigabit speeds, depending on your location.

For a custom quote for your business, please call our sales department at (800) 436-4456 or contact us online.

T1 Service
Starting at $329/month
1.5 mbps symmetrical
Dedicated Internet circuit
1-year minimum term
Very high reliability
Available almost everywhere
Starting at $399/month
5 to 100 mbps symmetrical
Dedicated Internet circuit
1 to 2-year minimum term
Very high reliability
Very high speeds available
Limited availability
Colocate a Server
As low as $65/month
100 mbps symmetrical
Put your server in our data center
Generator & UPS backed power
Server room A/C cooled
Ideal for application or database servers

T1 or colocation outage reports should be made by calling (800) 436-4456 option 2 during business hours. For after-hours colocation access or outage reports, please visit our after-hours access support page.