IgLou Dialup Service provides an alternative form of Internet access for your home or office when broadband is not an option. If you would like more information before signing up, please call us at (800) 436-4456 or contact us online.

IgLou offers thousands of local access numbers throughout the United States and Canada.


Dialup Internet Access

    Dialup 995  Dialup Lite Dialup Complete
Monthly Price   $9.95/mo $14.95/mo $19.95/mo
Activation Fee   None None None
Usage*   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Fast 56K Speeds  
National Access  
SPAM Filtering  
# of Mailboxes   1 1 5
Mailbox Size   50 meg 50 meg 50 meg
IgLou Webmail   -
Mail Forwarding   -
Technical Support   -
Business Use   -
50MB Website ‡   - -
Invoice Billing §   - -
§ Automatic monthly deduction from  credit or debit card required for Dialup 995 and Dialup Lite service. Invoiced billing available on Complete Plan for additional $1.00 monthly fee.
Personal website provides 50 megabytes of storage for non-commercial personal use. Transfer limitations may apply.
*Depending on the access number you choose, your location, and your calling plan, you may incur long distance or toll charges. For a list of IgLou’s access numbers, their locations and any restrictions, click here. IgLou reserves the right to impose hourly usage limitations.  See IgLou’s Customer Agreement for details.