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WordPress Hosting


WordPress is one of the world’s most popular open-source content management platforms (CMS).  It is widely used for website development, blogging and even e-commerce.

IgLou provides a quick installer for WordPress, making deploying and configuring your blog under your hosting account a breeze. All of IgLou’s Web Hosting plans are 100% compatible with WordPress and our control panel makes routine upgrades as simple as clicking a button.

WordPress needs regular maintenance in order to remain secure and to perform properly.  IgLou’s WordPress Maintenance Plans provide extra security protections, regular intrusion scanning, blacklist monitoring, regular backups, technical support and even disinfection services in the event your site is ever compromised.

We own and manage all of our own servers and hosting infrastructure; we don’t simply resell someone else’s service. IgLou provides both telephone and email technical support based in Louisville, Kentucky, and we have live technicians who can assist you in the event that you need any assistance with your new blog.

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Hosting Control Panel

To access your control panel, type your domain name into your web-browser followed by /cpanel.

For example: www.mydomain.com/cpanel