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Email Solutions

Looking for a better way to manage email? Tired of fighting your current provider to fix email problems?

IgLou has 20 years of experience with email, and not just for businesses. As one of Kentucky’s first Internet providers, we’ve managed email for tens of thousands of personal email accounts over the years. IgLou can handle everything, including moving your existing email accounts to our servers. It’s simple and easy, just give us a call at 502-966-3848 to get started.

A More Professional
Approach to Email

  • Use your organization’s existing .com or .org domain name, or register a new one
  • Add and remove email accounts, set limits and change passwords easily
  • Users can “bring their own mailbox” by forwarding email to their own account
  • Out-of-office notifications with automatic expiration
  • No commitment on number of email accounts, add or remove at any time

Enterprise-Grade Spam & Virus Filtering

  • Prevent dangerous and malicious emails from reaching your users
  • Zero-hour antivirus, attachment and malware scanning
  • Additional protection above your existing anti-virus solutions
  • Each user has their own private message quarantine
  • Customize whitelists, blacklists and other spam-filtering settings
  • Daily spam digest report configurable for each user

Email Archiving Service

  • Captures inbound, outbound and/or internal messages for archival
  • Create a legal document trail for special correspondence
  • Comply with government or industry regulations requiring email retention
  • Investigate and monitor employee inbound and outbound messaging
  • Encrypted cloud-based archival with storage in separate data-centers

Hosted Email Service

Includes 10 users
• Includes 10GB storage &
enterprise-grade spam and virus filtering
• Additional storage is $1.50/GB per month,
pooled across all users
• Archiving (optional) is $10/month extra per 10GB storage

Additional Users

Price per additional user
• Each additional user also includes 1GB extra storage pooled across all users
• Includes enterprise-grade spam and virus filtering

Email Features Supported

  • Compatible with all major email clients, including Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile
  • Full IMAP & POP protocol support
  • Multiple domains support
  • Webmail access available
  • Per-user quarantine for suspicious or infected messages
  • Out of office auto-responder notifications

Control Panel Features

  • Add, remove, and suspend users
  • Force password changes
  • Set storage limits and forwarding on a per-user basis
  • View spam & virus quarantine, and delivery logs
  • Set up daily digest reports of blocked email
  • Control whitelists and blocklists for various senders