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In the event of a power outage or service outage, your business won’t have to wait. Get peace of mind when you add IgLou Wireless Internet Backup Failover to your business internet service. Internet connectivity will be restored via the AT&T 4G wireless network with unlimited wireless data during the outage.


Features and benefits


Keep business operating 24/7

Keep mission-critical services up and running such as credit card and point-of-sale machines, email delivery, and scheduling applications. Once your Internet service connection is restored, service reverts to normal operation.

Install easily

Plug-and-play installation for hassle-free setup and configuration. A 4G cellular router will be shipped to you once your new service is installed.

Breeze through a power outage

IgLou Wireless Internet Backup uses a backup router that includes up to 12 hours of battery backup in case of a power outage.

Flat rate with no data usage fees

Hassle-free redundancy for only $25/month, with no data usage charges or limits. Peace of mind during outages without the expense of a second dedicated Internet connection.


IgLou Wireless Internet Backup Failover is an add-on for IgLou Business Internet service and will be billed monthly on your IgLou bill. Internet Backup includes a 4G cellular router that is installed between the modem/gateway and the rest of your network, and will use a dynamic public IP address during outages. A self-install kit with instructions will be sent to you after your IgLou Business Internet service is first successfully installed. If your Internet service is canceled for any reason, your Wireless Internet Backup will also be canceled and the equipment must be returned to IgLou within 30 days to avoid an equipment replacement fee of up to $150. IgLou Wireless Internet Backup can only be used at the business internet service address and is only activated and used in failover situations. There are no no data usage charges or limits with this service. In failover, Customer will be subject to availability and bandwidth constraints which may vary by location, and there are no speed guarantees. Usage of the AT&T network will be bound by AT&T’s Wireless Terms of Use (which can be found on att.com).