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Available exclusively to IgLou customers, IgLou MailBlock is a completely free service that can automatically identify and vaporize unwanted junk email. Using IgLou's powerful SpamStopper technology, IgLou MailBlock can identify and block spam without blocking email from legitimate sources*.

MailBlock also lets you block unwanted electronic mail based upon who sent it, where it was sent from and by the actual content of the message itself.

To connect to the MailBlock Control Panel, you will need to have your IgLou email username and password.

You can add as many MailBlock rules as you like, whenever you like. Any changes you make to your filter list are put in to effect immediately. You could even use MailBlock to stop someone who is simply sending you too much email.

For more detailed information about IgLou's MailBlock service, be sure to check out our online MailBlock Frequently Asked Questions list.

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