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Modem Rental Agreement

Modems are provided to certain Subscribers as part of a rental Agreement associated with various Internet access plans offered by IgLou.

1. Ownership and Care

Modems provided under this Agreement remain the property of IgLou Internet Services, Inc. at all times and must be maintained with a reasonable amount of care. Subscriber agrees not to disassemble, open the protective cover, reverse engineer, repair or otherwise modify the modem in any way, and must inform IgLou immediately upon any suspected failure of the Internet modem.

2. Termination

Upon termination of Internet service with IgLou, or in the event of default by customer in payments to IgLou, Internet modem must be returned to IgLou within 30 days or a replacement fee will be charged to Subscriber. The replacement fee will depend on the manufacturer and model of the modem, and will vary between $50.00 and $100.00.

Payment of this and all other fees must be made in accordance with IgLou’s policies posted on the Internet at https://www.iglou.com/policy

3. Warranty

Provided modems may be used or refurbished units, and IgLou makes no warranty or claim to the fitness or reliability of the modem for any particular purpose. Subscribers who desire a higher level of reliability may wish to consider the purchase of new Internet equipment as an alternative.

In the event of failure of the provided modem, IgLou will provide a replacement unit at no charge provided that Subscriber maintains qualifying Internet service with IgLou, that any rental agreements are still in place, and that Subscriber’s account is still in good standing.