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Internet Access Terms of Service

The following Internet Access Terms of Service are between you, the Customer, and IgLou Internet Services, Inc. (“IgLou”). These terms and conditions are a part of IgLou’s General Terms of Service, and you must accept both of these as a condition of ordering and receiving IgLou’s high-speed Internet access services.

3a. Internet Access Installation and Customer Obligations

Customer hereby authorizes IgLou to act on its behalf with the telephone companies (a.k.a Local Exchange Carriers) for the provisioning required as part of IgLou’s high-speed Internet services. This authorization shall remain in effect until canceled by Customer in writing.

Customer agrees to provide IgLou and its subcontractors with reasonable access to your premises in order to install, maintain, and repair the Service. You understand and agree that IgLou or its subcontractors may drill, cut, and otherwise alter improvements on the premises (including walls, flooring, and/or other surfaces) in order to install, maintain, or repair the Service.

Customer is responsible for any unusual or additional wiring or equipment needed to get the Internet signal to the modem and is not included in the installation work provided by IgLou or the telephone company.

The install technician will assist in connecting a single computer to the Internet. Some Customers may desire professional network setup to configure the rest of their computers and devices to the Internet, which may be obtained from IgLou for an additional fee. Examples of such devices include computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, routers, switches, printers, televisions, VOIP telephones, surveillance cameras, and alarm systems.

Missed install appointments may result in a $100 missed-appointment fee.

DSL Internet service may interfere with some burglar alarm systems, life-alert systems, phone systems, intercom systems and other telephone line-sensitive systems. It is Customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that these systems and all other equipment will be compatible before ordering service. If Customer is unsure or unable to determine compatibility, a professional contractor should be hired at Customer’s own expense before ordering service. IgLou will not be responsible for any fees, losses or other liability incurred due to Customer’s failure to ensure compatibility.

Use of IgLou’s Internet services will require a compatible modem. This modem may be included free, rented or purchased separately depending on the type of modem required and your chosen IgLou service plan. Unless specified otherwise in a given service plan or promotion, IgLou’s installation fees and monthly fees do not include the cost of any other equipment needed for Customers to successfully use the service, including but not limited to telephone jacks, Ethernet cards, computer equipment, or additional wiring.

IgLou may suspend or cancel Customer’s service if IgLou deems in its reasonable discretion that such action is necessary to protect the public or IgLou personnel, its agents and customers, and IgLou facilities or services from damages or injury of any kind.

3b. Internet Access Guarantees

The telephone companies that own and operate the public telephone lines do not provide IgLou with any guarantees as to the reliability of Internet service, nor do they provide any guarantee of availability or minimum response time to repair a circuit should there ever be a disruption in service. As a result of these limitations, IgLou’s Internet access is offered only as a best-effort service and should not be used for applications where availability and bandwidth are mission critical.

Actual obtainable Internet speeds may vary depending upon many factors including location of your home or office, computer performance and configuration, network or Internet congestion, wireless congestion or interference, Internet sites accessed, time of day, and current phone line conditions. For more information about minimum speeds for each plan, Customers can visit IgLou’s support website.

IgLou may offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for certain service plans. Please inquire with IgLou Customer Service to obtain a copy of any applicable SLA.

3c. Internet Access Fees

A major credit card may be required to obtain service on certain rate plans or to receive certain discounts. Installation fees are non-refundable unless IgLou is unable to successfully install the ordered service to Customer’s location.

Billing for service begins as soon as installation is complete, even if the service is not used. All monthly service charges are non-refundable.

Certain Internet plans may require a minimum time service commitment. If service is canceled or disconnected for any reason after service is installed but before the end of the service commitment, the early termination charge specified in the original service order will apply. If the number of months remaining in the commitment multiplied by the monthly rate for service is lower than the early termination charge, then the early termination charge will be reduced to this lower amount. Customer agrees that the early termination charge represents actual damages to IgLou and that this charge is not a penalty.

In the event Customer’s account is terminated due to payment delinquency, IgLou will immediately impose any applicable early termination charges associated with any service commitment.

3d. Moving Internet access to a new address

A move of Internet service to a different address or location is considered a cancellation of service and a separate new installation. If the existing service is still under a commitment, an early termination charge will apply.

IgLou will waive early termination charges for residential Customers moving to a new address at a new location, provided that Customer’s service has been active for at least six (6) months, Customer qualifies for and successfully installs the same level of service or higher at the new address, and there is no lapse in active service. Early termination charges will only be waived once within any given 12-month period.

3e. Service repairs

Customers are responsible for payment of repair charges for visits by IgLou or its subcontractors when a service repair request results from causes not attributable to IgLou or the telephone company network. This includes, but is not limited to, when Customer is unable or unwilling to complete troubleshooting steps requested by IgLou. There is a $100 missed-appointment fee for service repairs where nobody 18 years or older is present during the scheduled arrival time window.

These Internet Access Terms of Service are a subset of IgLou’s General Terms of Service.